Alicia Richardson

About Alicia Richardson

Alicia Richardson is an actor/writer and voice coach originally from Boynton Beach, Florida. She came to Canada for the affordable tuition, then she got health care and figured…why fight it? Now she’s a Permanent Resident livin’ that sweet (but sometimes sour) artist’s life in Toronto. Her body of work spans television, film, theatre, and voice-over. In 2019, she became a founding member of Counterbalance Collective: a female-led indie film collective. Selected acting credits include: Two for the Win (Hallmark), Private Eyes (Global), and American Woman (CBC Films / Telefilm Canada). Follow her tasty, multihyphenate adventures here: // or on social: @leesheelovesyou

Photos courtesy of LV Imagery (Lauren Vandenbrook)

What inspired you to pursue acting?

My first memory of inspiration has to be Whoopi Goldberg. Watching her in The Color Purple was a revelation; her whole being (mannerisms, physicality, voice) underwent this remarkable transformation. Her performance was utter alchemy, and I wanted to “make gold” too. Not to mention, the rest of the cast was straight FIRE! That movie electrified me on a cellular level.

What is your dream role?

Leticia F*&$in’ Lewis from Lovecraft Country. (I’m not cussin’ at cha, that’s a quote from the show!) Leti is an entire mood. She goes on epic, action-packed adventures. She’s defiant, outspoken, witty, protective, courageous, yet still gets to be vulnerable and sweet with her lover. Leti’s stylish, sexy, and just a lil’ dangerous–out here swingin’ a baseball bat and being underscored by Rhianna, I LIVE! Playing a leading lady with this level of complexity in a story of Black resistance? SIGN ME UP!!!

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Agent: Alix Kazman
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Updated April 2021