Jasmine Burns

About Jasmine Burns

Jasmine Theresa Burns was born and raised in Toronto, and always wanted to be an actor “growing up”. She dreamed of starring in a Broadway play and acting alongside Denzel Washington. Life had other plans, until now.

Jasmine was able to garner training and had the pleasure of attending Circle in Square Theatre School (New York), along with training at The Second City (Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto). Jasmine wanted to feel every nuance life had to offer, and has had the opportunity to travel where she continues to expand her love of languages and practice the French she learned in junior school.

Graduating from the University of Toronto, Jasmine majored in Cinema Studies and minored in Caribbean Studies.

Jasmine is consistently looking for opportunities to learn and grow her craft. Jasmine approaches her art the way she lives her life: with passion, vigor, and vulnerability.

Photos courtesy of Headshots by Andrew

What inspired you to pursue acting?

I simply love to perform, create and do. As an empathetic person I find inspiration in all of life’s experiences. Challenging, great, and everything in between. There’s a freedom I find when I act. It’s a gift I’m finally giving myself permission to pursue after a 10 year hiatus!!

What is your dream role?

My dream role is to work with an amazing ensemble and to be a part of something that inspires, questions and changes people’s perspectives.

Film and TV were a great escape for me growing up. Allowing me to see the World outside of my circumstances and behold infinite possibilities.

I wish to do the same for others.

Working with Spike Lee, Ava DuVernay, Sir Steven McQueen, Issa Rae, Quentin Tarantino, and Lena Waithe would be icing on the cake!

Updated April 2021